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Product Introduction

The EZI Citi 2 electric scooter paves its own path. The unique, minimalist design is packed with integrated features and two battery packs for a maximum range of 93 km on a single charge. This MS model has a 1500W electric motor and a top speed of 45 km/h that’s ideal for dashing around the city.

Top Features

Double Battery Capacity
Two 20Ah batteries' pack is included to double your range and makes it easy to swap batteries on the go, providing a maximum range of 93 km on a single charge.
Powerful Disc Brakes
Fast-rolling 14” wheels are outfitted with disc brakes on both the front and rear that deliver reliable braking performance.
Illuminated Front End
See and be seen thanks to the bright front headlight and side indicator lights positioned on the Citi 2’s compact front end.
Plush Rear Shocks
Dual shock absorbers provide a smooth and comfortable ride, supporting a maximum load capacity of 180 kg.
Double Seat Utility
The Citi 2’s double seat is made from separate pads for increased comfort. The rear seat can also be removed for increased use of the handy rear rack.
Everything within Reach
The Citi 2’s cockpit features easy-to-use controls, an integrated storage space, and built-in USB port to keep your smaller devices charged while on the go.

Tech Specs