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Product Introduction

The Citi Duty 2 is an electric cargo scooter built for the movers and shakers around town. This compact scooter allows urban riders to get more errands done and carry large items on the front and rear racks. This high-powered HS model levels up to a 3000W motor with a top speed of 80 km/h along with CBS-equipped disc brakes.

Top Features

Double Battery Capacity
Two 30Ah batteries' pack is included to double your range and makes it easy to swap batteries on the go, providing a maximum range of 125 km on a single charge.
CBS-equipped Disc Brakes
Fast-rolling 14” wheels are outfitted with disc brakes on both the front and rear that deliver superior braking performance.
Utilitarian Front End
The Citi Duty 2 blends form and function with bright LED headlights directly below the sturdy front rack that can carry a cargo basket.
Plush Rear Shocks
Dual shock absorbers provide a smooth and comfortable ride, supporting a maximum load capacity of 199 kg.
Sturdy Cargo Rack
Use the large cargo platform behind the seat and carry bigger items at the back of the Citi Duty 2.

Tech Specs