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Product Introduction

Ride into the future with the HC200, a zero-emission scooter built for the city. This electric scooter reimagines personal urban transportation and packages serious performance into a sleek, modern silhouette. The latest technological innovations lay under the hood that empower you to take on the city with confidence. From daily commuting to fast-paced errands, the HC200 rides miles ahead of the pack.

Top Features

4000W Hub Motor
Powered by MBP and Keeway technology, the hub motor delivers 4000 watts of peak power and reaches a top speed of 75 km/h.
High-density Lithium Battery
The long lasting 60V 45Ah battery provides an impressive range of up to 99 kilometers on a single charge. A full charge takes only 3 hours.
CBS-equipped Disc Brakes
The front and rear wheels feature CBS braking technology for more precise and controlled braking performance.
Integrated Headlights
The HC200’s bodywork flows directly into the headlight cutout with bright, angled lights for improved visibility in all conditions.
Premium Double Seat
With plenty of room for two, the comfortable double seat has high-quality stitching and rear grip rails.
Power Up
There’s an integrated full-sized outlet above the footwell as well as a USB port to serve all your power needs while on the go.

Tech Specs